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Responsive web design for envato – Figma and PSD to HTML – Live

Salim Rana

Salim Rana

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June 14, 2024

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Live Project Template:

“If you want to build a career in programming, you must grasp the basic fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There is a significant demand in both local and international job markets for professionals skilled in converting PSD, Figma, or XD designs into HTML templates. Envato stands out as the largest marketplace for career-building opportunities in web development.

If you can develop web templates professionally, your demand will be high in the local or international marketplace. While many developers can create templates, not all can build them to meet marketplace standards or coding practices. Don’t worry; I am Salim Rana, and I am back with a professional web design course called ‘Professional Web Design Mastery!’ Join me to learn how to create web templates that meet marketplace and coding standards, and let’s build a pathway to success in the dynamic world of web development together!”


কোর্সে কী কী প্রজেক্ট অথবা পেজ করানো হবে? 

  • 01.Main_Home
  • 02.Creative_Agency
  • 03_Digital_Agency
  • 04_Digital_Marketing
  • 05_Design_Studio
  • 06_About
  • 07_Service
  • 08_Service_Details
  • 09_Portfolio
  • 10_Portfolio_Details
  • 11_Team
  • 12_Price
  • 13_FAQ
  • 14_Blog
  • 15_Blog Details
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প্রতিটি মডিউল বা প্রতিটি সপ্তাহের স্টাডিপ্ল্যান কীভাবে সাজানো হয়েছে?

There will be 2 main live classes every week. All classes will be taken by Salim Rana (Founder of ThemePure)
Resources will include updated prerecorded videos for each module.

There is a daily 2-hour problem-solving class to solve any problem during the module. These problem-solving classes will be taken by subject matter expert ThemePure Frontend Team.


প্রতিটি মডিউলে এসেসমেন্ট কীভাবে হবে?

  • Your assessment as a Fimga to HTML Developer will mainly be based on the questions asked in the job interview. That is, during the course itself so that your interview preparation is done. Based on the interview questions, you will be provided with a handbook by the instructor at the beginning of the course. Based on this handbook and learning during the module, you will take 3 tests – quiz, assignment, and live coding test. You will be marked based on these 3. If you get 70% marks then you will be short list for job placement.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Sass learning (Basic to Advanced)
  • Flex and Grid CSS Learning (Basic to Advanced)
  • Bootstrap Component learning (Details)
  • Start  live project for envato
  • Package creation and submit on envato


  • Basic HTML, CSS , javascript
  • Basic Web Design Idea
  • Hardworking Mentality


  • Who wants to start a career in frontend
  • Want to learn solid knowledge of web design
  • Want to increase current knowledge to industry demand
  • Professional skill building
  • Who already know basic web design

Course Content

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Module 0
Here you can find basic html css js complete guideline.

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Module 13 (Running)

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Your Instructors

Salim Rana

Salim Rana

Founder and CTO of ThemePure
5.00 Rating 4 Courses 152 Students

Salim Rana, the founder and Chief Technology Officer(CTO) of ThemePure, commenced his journey in web development back in 2014. Under his leadership, ThemePure has flourished, boasting an elite author profile on Themeforest and a dedicated team of eight professionals. Embracing a passion for technology and continual learning, Rana oversees the operations of WebLearnBD, an educational arm of ThemePure aimed at facilitating knowledge exchange. The platform is designed to simplify the learning process, fostering an environment conducive to effortless knowledge dissemination.

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2 days ago

Perfect course for all level developers. I have learned lots of standard procedures. Highly Recommanded


Md.Sirajul Islam

4 weeks ago

আলহামদুলিল্লাহ ভাই কোস টা করে অনেক উপকৃত হইছি যা ধন্যবাদ দিয়ে এই উপকার প্রতিদান দিতে পারবো না।।আল্লাহ আপনাকে সুস্থ রাখুক এবং এই ভাবে আপনি মানুষের উপকার করে যান।।


Tashfin Khan

1 month ago



Weblearn is a perfect Web Design & Development platform for Envato Marketplace with a Great Mentor. You will get proper guidelines for Web Design & Development. How to complete a full project standard and efficient way. The contents are delivered in an engaging and interactive format, making it easy to understand and follow. In particular, the step-by-step teaching process is perfect for beginners, and intermediate students. Provides detailed instructions on how to complete each task efficiently.
Join anytime without any confusion. A real success creator and perfect Web Design and Development platform. I highly recommend taking any course from Weblearn.



2 months ago



md harun or rosid

5 months ago

This is really good course. I am a web developer and was off the market for almost 2 years. Before start searching for jobs and working I was looking for the course to improve and brush my skills. This course has helped me a lot and best part is that it covers most of the front end parts.


Rasel Ahmed

5 months ago

The best web design course in Bangladesh, the main attraction of this course is to learn web design by hand from basic to advanced level and approve HTML template in Themeforest.


Masirul Islam

5 months ago

Very effective and resourceful course , i mean life-changing course and start the career as the course help



5 months ago

It's the best course ever in Bangladesh.

৳ 4,500.00 ৳ 6,500.00
This course includes:
Start Date:
February 11, 2024
85h 23m
Skill Level
All Levels

A course by

Salim Rana
Salim Rana
Founder and CTO of ThemePure


  • Basic HTML, CSS , javascript
  • Basic Web Design Idea
  • Hardworking Mentality


  • Who wants to start a career in frontend
  • Want to learn solid knowledge of web design
  • Want to increase current knowledge to industry demand
  • Professional skill building
  • Who already know basic web design

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